SB_Scenario and Programme – A rough attitude….

Here are some initial thoughts on the development of a scenario and programme…I’ll be working on the drawings for the rest of this week, which will add to the development of these ideas. Any comments welcome / encouraged! A PDF of the text below is available here >Scenario and Programme – Attitude _SB_12-01-11… 1.0               INTERVENTION 2.0               … Continue reading

Hackney Podcasts – ‘Water’ and ‘Night’

With reference to my previous post about the Hackney Podcasts audio files (search for ‘hackney podcasts’ on iTunes, they’re free to download), I’ve been listening to one or two and trying out my mindmaps as notetaking…might serve as a point of reference? The podcasts are really good for thinking about aspects of the place in … Continue reading

Hackney Podcasts

The Hackney Podcasts give a wealth of fascinating stories about Hackney Wick, and the London Borough of Hackney in general… Most useful ones are; ‘Night’ / ‘Buses’ / ‘Water’ / ‘Coffeecast’ / ‘Olympic Park Tour’ / ‘Ian Sinclair’ / ‘Beyond the A12…’ / ‘Herbed Beans and Olympic Conspiracies’ Search for Hackney Podcasts in the iTunes store … Continue reading

Hackney Wick stories

“they also have a bagel factory there which occasionally leaves free bagel outside. Maybe for homeless i guess” Mavis, Bethnal Green   “Historically Hackney Wick has always been fraught with londons most extreme poverty and was disease ridden during the great plague. I think Victoria Park was either built or used to house Londons plague … Continue reading

Water Law

Wikipedia page on British law covering activities on water, as opposed to those on land…click here.