Ice Cream Vans as Spatial Production – Intervention (_SB)

Please find below some links to the work I have done so far. Thought I’d put it on my own site and link to it to save uploading all the images into one post… Story 1 – Mr Freeze-O-Cream’s Yard… Story 2 – Ice Cream Vans – (hibernation)… Story 3 – Ice Cream Vans & … Continue reading

Conversation with Joe’s Ices…

As part of my research I tried to rent an ice cream van, I rang Joe’s Ices based here in Sheffield. Previous attempts to act directly in Hackney Wick failed, as calls to the Mr Freezocream yard on Fish Island resulted in a very short conversation – in very bad English – with a guy … Continue reading

HS_field of codes

Social_ Behavioral_political_economical_ownership[territory]   A way in At the moment, there’s a cluster of loose threads of ideas in my head which I’m struggling to summaries into one paragraph…but the keywords that are jumping out at the moments are boundaries, temporality, transient, ownership, verticality and imagery… From our initial site visit, it was apparent that there … Continue reading