Conversation with Joe’s Ices…

As part of my research I tried to rent an ice cream van, I rang Joe’s Ices based here in Sheffield. Previous attempts to act directly in Hackney Wick failed, as calls to the Mr Freezocream yard on Fish Island resulted in a very short conversation – in very bad English – with a guy … Continue reading

War Games

“is that hackney common the exercise area? If so I was there yesterday…theres a training ground. Navigate checkpoints with a time constraint. Want a ground brief we were issued, elevation, going, contours, cover from view etc?” – Ryan Morgan, 23, Officer Cadet (Sandhurst)

Railway Murders – Modus Operandi

“something about the olympic park? U gunna be involved in that? Also, first railway murder was there. I remember studying it in psych class if that helps? they were teaching us about modus operandi – a murderers specific way of killing i.e. trademarks like leaving the body a certin way etc. Any good?” – Hannah … Continue reading


text message (out): “wicked 🙂 know much about hackney wick?x” text message (in): “Um, it’s east and it’s the birth place of the rocking 59 club – middle-aged bikers rule! x”