Three routes through the Ministry of Amateurs

Hi guys, Hope everyone is managing to have some kind of break. I’ve been working on some drawings that I discussed in my last tutorial and I’d really appreciate your feedback about them and where I should go next. The purpose of doing these drawings was to move away from the plan I had drawn … Continue reading

BR – Scenario and Programme update

I have been working on developing the scenario and programme in response to the existing conditions that I analysed with my previous drawings (see previous post). Preliminary programme and scenario It’s only the very beginnings, so I will be developing it further before Thursday.

BR – existing conditions drawings & update

Happy new year everyone. I’ve initially been concentrating upon mapping, presenting and analysing existing conditions in Hackney Wick. I went back to the Wick just over a week ago and since then I have been working on a series of drawings to map/present/analyse what I observed & discovered. The spaces/work places I have analysed are: … Continue reading