Lammas Day

Lammas Day Collage

Focussing on retrieving specific examples / ‘situations’ involving codes (social, conduct, legal, regulatory, etc) from our experience of visiting Hackney Wick and the surrounding area last week. This specific exploration looks at a historic event (Lammas Day, 1837) – that revealed a specific code about land use and human activity as directed by the temporal (in this … Continue reading


“Hey man, hope this helps with the project. When i was there it was mainly spent within the park. Sorry i didnt get a chance to send it yesterday! After taking a stereotypical red london bus from the Hackney Wick railway station, through the tyical suburban build up of houses and offices myself and my … Continue reading


“I used to organise the boys club football team…sometimes we’d have to go all the way from Lambeth to Hackney Marshes because they were the only pitches available. There were at least 100!” – Henry Hope, 88, former Londoner “it floods and has a canal. Can’t be more help so sorry  ” – Steven Jones, … Continue reading

War Games

“is that hackney common the exercise area? If so I was there yesterday…theres a training ground. Navigate checkpoints with a time constraint. Want a ground brief we were issued, elevation, going, contours, cover from view etc?” – Ryan Morgan, 23, Officer Cadet (Sandhurst)

edgeland video

video showing hackney wick, overlaid with commentary of local resident’s affected by the changes happening in the area because of Olympic development