Protection / Conservation: – The use of barriers, physical and non-physical, active and symbolic. – The implementation of barriers as a means of conserving vulnerable communities / fragile situations and to enable clandestine activities. Thresholds: – Specific behaviours relating to the crossing and controlling of thresholds – knocking, waiting, greeting, the doorbell [announcing / warning], … Continue reading

HS_field of codes

Social_ Behavioral_political_economical_ownership[territory]   A way in At the moment, there’s a cluster of loose threads of ideas in my head which I’m struggling to summaries into one paragraph…but the keywords that are jumping out at the moments are boundaries, temporality, transient, ownership, verticality and imagery… From our initial site visit, it was apparent that there … Continue reading

JM – Field of Code (29/11)

My (current) ‘field’ of code or interest is as follows. (I’m not entirely sure they are all codes as such; some might be effects or causes. Perhaps this is more of a field of thematic interest, but its a stepping stone at least!) fear + environment political citizenship ownership (+ social / behavioural / agency … Continue reading

The Interventionists

Alex Villar, Craig Balwin, The Biotic Baking Brigade, God Bless Graffiti Coalition, The Reverend Billy and Valerie Tevere are amongst artists that has their work published in the book ‘The interventionists’ which Sam V mentioned on thursday. The book showcases several provocative artists that created a series of intervention and actions to challenge/react to different level … Continue reading