Exploring Loss…

Brief Update of where i’m at: (don’t worry – i’m not saying everything is falling around me…. just yet) I’m exploring other avenues around my main themes of ‘fear / loss / erasure’. The mechanisms of erasure/protection and the value judgements that define whether something is worthy of protecting are interesting. I’ve added the bodies/mechanisms … Continue reading

Scenario / Programme [JM] First Attempt

Hello all and Happy New Year. I’ve had a first stab at the programme and scenario, but its very loose and i’m struggling to push through what the project might be. Right now, it could be anything! This is at least an attempt to get some thoughts out there on paper and move on, rather … Continue reading

Intervention [JM] – Shelter

Pre-Christmas intervention task: My work focused on Hackney Wick’s feeling of ‘otherness.’ As a place, it is full of ‘other’ spaces; marginal land where ownership, rights and appropriation are manifest in ambiguous and multiple ways. These places include some of the yards, derelict factories and left-over strips of land next to the canal, railway and … Continue reading

HS_field of codes

Social_ Behavioral_political_economical_ownership[territory]   A way in At the moment, there’s a cluster of loose threads of ideas in my head which I’m struggling to summaries into one paragraph…but the keywords that are jumping out at the moments are boundaries, temporality, transient, ownership, verticality and imagery… From our initial site visit, it was apparent that there … Continue reading

JM – Field of Code (29/11)

My (current) ‘field’ of code or interest is as follows. (I’m not entirely sure they are all codes as such; some might be effects or causes. Perhaps this is more of a field of thematic interest, but its a stepping stone at least!) fear + environment political citizenship ownership (+ social / behavioural / agency … Continue reading