Contractors’ Accomodation / Performative Suggestions / Station Approach…

Just a quick collage as a record of one performative intervention that we did get round to doing…there’s a quick video below also; Advertisements

5 Codes…

I am currently interested in the following themes, which occasionally reference themselves, and can be loosely categorised under the theme of a valued and empowered community with ‘ownership‘ of its environment affording embodied knowledge and heritage – the sustainable perpetuation of evolutionary place; 1/ Information becoming Knowledge; –  its retention, embodiment and exchange (transmission and reception; sharing); citizens … Continue reading


Protection / Conservation: – The use of barriers, physical and non-physical, active and symbolic. – The implementation of barriers as a means of conserving vulnerable communities / fragile situations and to enable clandestine activities. Thresholds: – Specific behaviours relating to the crossing and controlling of thresholds – knocking, waiting, greeting, the doorbell [announcing / warning], … Continue reading

The Interventionists

Alex Villar, Craig Balwin, The Biotic Baking Brigade, God Bless Graffiti Coalition, The Reverend Billy and Valerie Tevere are amongst artists that has their work published in the book ‘The interventionists’ which Sam V mentioned on thursday. The book showcases several provocative artists that created a series of intervention and actions to challenge/react to different level … Continue reading

Tennis at the EUR, Rome…

This guy just turned up in his car and started practising his tennis strokes against the wall of a disused building in the deserted EUR…

Subverting Apology

Lee Taft – Apology subverted: The commodification of apology

The strange case of the egg and the cow

It is legal to write a cheque on anything so long as it contains all the relevant details. i only know this because I once wrote one myself on the back of a till receipt when in the bank. However some bank’s “Terms and Conditions” now state that you must use the cheque book issued … Continue reading