Three routes through the Ministry of Amateurs

Hi guys, Hope everyone is managing to have some kind of break. I’ve been working on some drawings that I discussed in my last tutorial and I’d really appreciate your feedback about them and where I should go next. The purpose of doing these drawings was to move away from the plan I had drawn … Continue reading

BR – Scenario and Programme update

I have been working on developing the scenario and programme in response to the existing conditions that I analysed with my previous drawings (see previous post). Preliminary programme and scenario It’s only the very beginnings, so I will be developing it further before Thursday.

Contractors’ Accomodation / Performative Suggestions / Station Approach…

Just a quick collage as a record of one performative intervention that we did get round to doing…there’s a quick video below also;

BR – FIELD OF CODE (29/11)

I’m interested in looking at these 5 broad codes: 1. social        2. political        3. ethical        4. economic       5. work …..with a particular eye on the existing transient communities (artists, travellers and construction workers) and future transient communities eg.visitors to the olympics.

JM – Field of Code (29/11)

My (current) ‘field’ of code or interest is as follows. (I’m not entirely sure they are all codes as such; some might be effects or causes. Perhaps this is more of a field of thematic interest, but its a stepping stone at least!) fear + environment political citizenship ownership (+ social / behavioural / agency … Continue reading

Sunday Football at Hackney Marshes (1953)

Old video footage of the sunday league meeting at Hackney Marshes in the early 1950’s here. I imagine not too much has changed in terms of the scale of the meetings! The website for the Hackney and Leyton Sunday Football Leagues provides some more up-to-date info.


“I used to organise the boys club football team…sometimes we’d have to go all the way from Lambeth to Hackney Marshes because they were the only pitches available. There were at least 100!” – Henry Hope, 88, former Londoner “it floods and has a canal. Can’t be more help so sorry  ” – Steven Jones, … Continue reading

Hackney Wicked

Arts festival in Hackney Wick, building upon the burgeoning ‘creative community’ residing there.