Contractors’ Accomodation / Performative Suggestions / Station Approach…

Just a quick collage as a record of one performative intervention that we did get round to doing…there’s a quick video below also; Advertisements


Video study of peoples reactions to the Olympic park on the residents of Hackney Wick’ door-steps.   Of real note is the suggestion that Hackney Wick could become the location for a ‘tesco-town’ – a form of shopping village!

Sunday Football at Hackney Marshes (1953)

Old video footage of the sunday league meeting at Hackney Marshes in the early 1950’s here. I imagine not too much has changed in terms of the scale of the meetings! The website for the Hackney and Leyton Sunday Football Leagues provides some more up-to-date info.

Hackney Wicked Festival 2010

Trendy Hackney Wick, check out ‘what have you done today mervyn day’

“Lots of interesting stuff about the area…erm plastic was invented there i think. Theres a really good film about the area called ‘what have you done today mervyn day’ – you can watch it for free at the BFI mediateque. Nowadays hackney wick is trendy and everyone has a moustache and rides fixie bikes and … Continue reading

Hackney Wicked Festival 2009

Simplicity in Complexity – Ways to Visualize

Eric Berklow talks about finding simplicity in complexity, and the simple power of good visualizations to help untangle complexity and encourage you to ask questions you wouldn’t have thought to  before… Nicholas Christakis talks about how to predict complex situations, by remote monitoring of indirectly connected things… David McCandless demonstrates really simple visualizations of complex data…

edgeland video

video showing hackney wick, overlaid with commentary of local resident’s affected by the changes happening in the area because of Olympic development