Chora – ‘Public Spaces’

Chora’s book ‘Public Spaces‘ follows the preceding tome ‘Urban Flotsam’, and is a self stated application of the notions developed in that book… “The proliferation of the use of public space increasingly gives form to society…a search for a combination of form andoperational device that together create architectural space and quality. This combination provides a link between architectural space and urban, social dynamics.” ‘Public … Continue reading

Contractors’ Accomodation / Performative Suggestions / Station Approach…

Just a quick collage as a record of one performative intervention that we did get round to doing…there’s a quick video below also;


The Theory of the Dérive: Guy Debord —– “One of the basic situationist practices is the dérive [literally: “drifting”], a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. Dérives involve playful-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey or stroll. In a dérive one or more persons … Continue reading

Simplicity in Complexity – Ways to Visualize

Eric Berklow talks about finding simplicity in complexity, and the simple power of good visualizations to help untangle complexity and encourage you to ask questions you wouldn’t have thought to  before… Nicholas Christakis talks about how to predict complex situations, by remote monitoring of indirectly connected things… David McCandless demonstrates really simple visualizations of complex data…