Mr Freeze-O-Cream yard, Monier Road

At the Mr Freeze-O-Cream yard on Monier Road, Fish Island, Ice Cream Vans wait out the winter until once again they can roam London’s sizzling sideroads and crisping parks. Trapped, they take refuge under tarpaulins and hide from the frost, yet still glow in vibrant contrast to the drab concrete and brick of the Wick, holding a promise of … Continue reading

Making Models…and developing spatial assemblage

In the first week of easter, Ive been exploring the formal and spatial assemblage of my project through models. Pictures can be seen here . There are a number of permutations that I have been exploring, of which the above photo is just one. I then took a ‘holiday’ – a few days in the sun, a journey … Continue reading


Please find attached / below a drawing illustrating my activity during last Thursday’s materiality session. I feel like the exercise indirectly kick started my thinking on materiality in my project, and particularly got me thinking about the acts of making marks, and communicating that technique. How might one party replicate the acts of another in … Continue reading

SB_Work from Review

Hello everyone… Please find below some scans of the drawings I presented at the review. Any comments welcome. The collages are an exploration of my 5 themes in my ‘aspirational programme’…with the aim of redefining what I mean by them conceptually, and making a start at identifying how they might be accommodated typologically. The axonometric drawings are … Continue reading

Exploring Loss…

Brief Update of where i’m at: (don’t worry – i’m not saying everything is falling around me…. just yet) I’m exploring other avenues around my main themes of ‘fear / loss / erasure’. The mechanisms of erasure/protection and the value judgements that define whether something is worthy of protecting are interesting. I’ve added the bodies/mechanisms … Continue reading

My ‘Pitch’…

Please find below my outline ‘pitch’ for the review this week. Ill then pull in drawings in support of this, which will be what I aim to produce this week. Is it concise enough? Does it sound thought through? Any comment extremely welcome. Attached is a sketch of what I’ll pin up…. Proposal I am … Continue reading

The Yard and Spatial Microclimates…

Part of my hypothesis is that the ‘yard’ typology is ‘flexible’ – but not necessarily ‘multipurpose’. By providing a wide variety of architecturally specific ‘places’, many activities can find a home that suits them at a particular time. I like the idea that this links to ‘temporal’ land use as I was exploring in our … Continue reading

‘Healthy’ (Transformation) Section

Following Sat’s lecture last week, I wanted to try doing a ‘healthy’ section (after Pete Sabara…)…the aim being to get thematic and programmatic ideas down on paper and catalyse discussion about my project. The drawing has the following features; 1/    The Yard – physical transformation of stuff or space takes place here. The Yard … Continue reading

City Mine(d) – Micronomics Project

Micronomics is a movement – based on empirical ‘doing stuff’ – that has resulted in a charter providing a ‘springboard’ for bottom-up urban action… Currently limited to Belgium, micronomics events use performance and ‘event’– kind of like a forum or travelling Fayre – to bring people together and demonstrate what is possible. Three main themes emerge in these workshops, … Continue reading

BR – Scenario and Programme update

I have been working on developing the scenario and programme in response to the existing conditions that I analysed with my previous drawings (see previous post). Preliminary programme and scenario It’s only the very beginnings, so I will be developing it further before Thursday.