Hackney Podcasts – ‘Water’ and ‘Night’

With reference to my previous post about the Hackney Podcasts audio files (search for ‘hackney podcasts’ on iTunes, they’re free to download), I’ve been listening to one or two and trying out my mindmaps as notetaking…might serve as a point of reference? The podcasts are really good for thinking about aspects of the place in … Continue reading

Lammas Day

Lammas Day Collage

Focussing on retrieving specific examples / ‘situations’ involving codes (social, conduct, legal, regulatory, etc) from our experience of visiting Hackney Wick and the surrounding area last week. This specific exploration looks at a historic event (Lammas Day, 1837) – that revealed a specific code about land use and human activity as directed by the temporal (in this … Continue reading

Hackney Podcasts

The Hackney Podcasts give a wealth of fascinating stories about Hackney Wick, and the London Borough of Hackney in general… Most useful ones are; ‘Night’ / ‘Buses’ / ‘Water’ / ‘Coffeecast’ / ‘Olympic Park Tour’ / ‘Ian Sinclair’ / ‘Beyond the A12…’ / ‘Herbed Beans and Olympic Conspiracies’ Search for Hackney Podcasts in the iTunes store … Continue reading

Stink house alley

Hackney Wick in London’s East End was one of the poorer parts of London. It was made up of very small back-to-back terrace houses with large families. It was very working class with many small factories employing local people. Businesses like Clarnico (sweet manufacturing), Lesney’s (matchbox) (miniature toy manufacturing took a large part of Lea … Continue reading

Community – Wick!!

An interactive map, where people of Hackney Wick have made comments on what interests them about the area, and where.   http://www.communitymaps.org.uk/version3/includes/MiniSite.php?minisitename=Hackney%20Wick


Video study of peoples reactions to the Olympic park on the residents of Hackney Wick’ door-steps. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/davehillblog/video/2009/nov/19/2012-olympics-hackney-wick   Of real note is the suggestion that Hackney Wick could become the location for a ‘tesco-town’ – a form of shopping village!

Sunday Football at Hackney Marshes (1953)

Old video footage of the sunday league meeting at Hackney Marshes in the early 1950’s here. I imagine not too much has changed in terms of the scale of the meetings! The website for the Hackney and Leyton Sunday Football Leagues provides some more up-to-date info. http://www.britishpathe.com/embed.php?archive=48552

Interesting Fact?

Hackney Wick is home to the largest number of artists and studio spaces per square metre in the world. Source; http://www.successinthemaking.co.uk/teach-in-hackney/did-you-know/


“Hey man, hope this helps with the project. When i was there it was mainly spent within the park. Sorry i didnt get a chance to send it yesterday! After taking a stereotypical red london bus from the Hackney Wick railway station, through the tyical suburban build up of houses and offices myself and my … Continue reading

Trendy Hackney Wick, check out ‘what have you done today mervyn day’

“Lots of interesting stuff about the area…erm plastic was invented there i think. Theres a really good film about the area called ‘what have you done today mervyn day’ – you can watch it for free at the BFI mediateque. Nowadays hackney wick is trendy and everyone has a moustache and rides fixie bikes and … Continue reading