Lammas Day

Lammas Day Collage

Focussing on retrieving specific examples / ‘situations’ involving codes (social, conduct, legal, regulatory, etc) from our experience of visiting Hackney Wick and the surrounding area last week. This specific exploration looks at a historic event (Lammas Day, 1837) – that revealed a specific code about land use and human activity as directed by the temporal (in this … Continue reading

Hackney Wicked Festival 2010

Hackney Wick Song- The ‘Wick Wick Wick’ Song

A song about Hackney Wick emerges from the ‘Wick Curiosity Shop‘ website that Jon posted a while ago…

Dog Racing at Hackney Wick

” This is a story which my nana, who is suffering old age memory loss told me over and over again- When my Nana was young, she went to London to find jobs. She knocked on hotel door one after one, asking the porter if any bartender  or waitress is needed… She paused at Oxford … Continue reading

Hackney Wicked Festival 2009

Hackney Wicked

Arts festival in Hackney Wick, building upon the burgeoning ‘creative community’ residing there.