BR – Scenario and Programme update

I have been working on developing the scenario and programme in response to the existing conditions that I analysed with my previous drawings (see previous post). Preliminary programme and scenario It’s only the very beginnings, so I will be developing it further before Thursday. Advertisements

BR – 6/12 – Updated field of interest

Updated field of interest, sorry it’s quite long! My attitude towards the London 2012 Olympics (current construction phase, during Olympic games and the so called Olympic Legacy) ┬áThe London 2012 Olympics has been driven by a group of individuals (mainly business men and women, bankers, lawyers, industrialists and politicians [see board of Olympic Park Legacy … Continue reading

the code generator…

  The basic premise of CODE as we understand it (draft – Nov 30th): – CODE is a mechanism to control and communicate. – CODES arise through people (who), desiring to control or communicate in some fashion (what), for a specific purpose (why). This can be pragmatic / beneficial / pejorative / selfish / selfless … Continue reading

The Code Field

You should look at this again after your visit to London: You need to start being more specific. The broader terms of Society / Mind / Environment (after Guattari) are good, but very broad. The focus should now lie on developing the section within this, starting with the level of Cultural / Economic / Political … Continue reading