Making Models…and developing spatial assemblage

In the first week of easter, Ive been exploring the formal and spatial assemblage of my project through models. Pictures can be seen here . There are a number of permutations that I have been exploring, of which the above photo is just one.

I then took a ‘holiday’ – a few days in the sun, a journey home to get a new laptop (old one died a death…) and to spend a week on my option module submission. I am now back, and will continue to explore the spatial assemblage through models, plans and diagrams – Im hoping to be able to quickly switch between all of these.

*** 27-04-2011 – PLANS CAN NOW BE FOUND HERE (for explanation and thoughts). For images, follow First Draft – GF – 1-100 – A2 and First Draft – FF – 1-100 – A2 ***

*** 27-04-2011 – EXPLORATIONS OF SPATIAL AND SOCIAL ASSEMBLAGE can be found here . ***

In the meantime, Sam also asked me to post a general survey I did of my work so far. I found I was worrying a little about the intangibility of my project, so I dumped an image that represented each chunk of work that Ive done this year into an InDesign document. This has allowed me to make some connections between the seemingly disparate chunks of work that Ive done. Hopefully, this will also help me to bring them together over the next few weeks. These images are given below;


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