Material Assemblages

On Thursday (09:30am) we will have a workshop around the idea of Material Assemblages.
Please all bring a range of different materials with you, some that have something, albeit abstract, to do with your project, others can be more random for experimentation.

materiality / joints / ideas / value

This stage will explore ways to develop the architecture of your proposal in an integrated way.  Rather than thinking about the materiality of your scheme as made of discrete building materials, we will consider the genuine materiality of your whole project, and look for opportunities for introducing new materials into the conditions that you are working in.

The idea of assemblage encourages you to identify all the materials of the project, including, for example, the water in the spa, the clothes in the market, the leather and thread of the suitcase in the hotel etc… Materiality suddenly becomes incredibly varied and complex, as of course it is in a building.  But here we get unexpected materials, and we get unexpected combinations of materials, with sometimes surprising connections.

This process is concerned with connecting materiality to ideas, to driving concepts, which may stem primarily from the social or spatial aspects of your project; to give value and meaning to materials and their interconnections.

part one:               How can we speak of a concept in material terms?

Identify your key architectural concepts, and ask “what is their materiality?”

What terms from your work already have material characteristics?  e.g. Friction

[find precedents]

part two:               How can we speak of a material in conceptual terms?

Play with a variety of materials and relate them to your key concepts

How can we describe a material is different ways?   Capacities, properties, affects, potentials…

[find precedents]


part three:            What is a joint?

How do materials relate to one another?

How else can we think about connections, what are their affects?

What are joints between materials and the other assemblages?

[find precedents]


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