Material Assemblages

On Thursday (09:30am) we will have a workshop around the idea of Material Assemblages. Please all bring a range of different materials with you, some that have something, albeit abstract, to do with your project, others can be more random for experimentation. materiality / joints / ideas / value This stage will explore ways to … Continue reading

A new concept for Hackney Wick….. Amazing!

thinking through programme and people/groups

Actors/Agents/Groups WHO? The project addresses the two main user groups of Hackney Wick which share similar concerns in different contexts and have a main thing in common; they take pride in personal items. -the artists (end product of artwork) -the immigrants (things they bring from place of origin) WHY? Hackney Wick is on the verge of disappearance. … Continue reading

SB_Work from Review

Hello everyone… Please find below some scans of the drawings I presented at the review. Any comments welcome. The collages are an exploration of my 5 themes in my ‘aspirational programme’…with the aim of redefining what I mean by them conceptually, and making a start at identifying how they might be accommodated typologically. The axonometric drawings are … Continue reading