Exploring Loss…

Brief Update of where i’m at:

(don’t worry – i’m not saying everything is falling around me…. just yet)

I’m exploring other avenues around my main themes of ‘fear / loss / erasure’. The mechanisms of erasure/protection and the value judgements that define whether something is worthy of protecting are interesting. I’ve added the bodies/mechanisms (primarily english heritage administering listing, and local gov. administering conservation areas / CPO’s – and local listing, which seems like a mechanism to appease locals?) to a previous sheet mapping where this happens/happened in HW.

I’m also beginning to explore the actual mechanisms behind demolition: Fast/Slow methods (the spectacle of controlled demolition of hated 60’s/70’s tower blocks: ‘the vanquishing of the architect’s monster’ bringing together the community) and the value in the physical materials in part rather than collectively (eg. asset stripping for copper pipe/wire, stone, steel/iron etc.) This rather obviously leads into the nature of much of the ‘designed for demolition’ Olympic venues and the legacy of that temporary material, which SB has previously mentioned as a topic.

Literal memory loss (Alzheimer’s) is still a theme bubbling in the background.

I’m struggling to bring this all together into a set of activities/functions to base a brief around. The idea of an Atlas (supporting/upholding) of loss/erasure is still prevalent in my mind but finding a set of associated programmes is proving a bit difficult. I still feel it could be anything or everything to do with loss – i’m going to have a go at a collage that brings all of these potentialities together and hopefully i’ll be able to pull something out of that.




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