‘Healthy’ (Transformation) Section

Following Sat’s lecture last week, I wanted to try doing a ‘healthy’ section (after Pete Sabara…)…the aim being to get thematic and programmatic ideas down on paper and catalyse discussion about my project.

The drawing has the following features;

1/    The Yard – physical transformation of stuff or space takes place here. The Yard is almost certain to become part of my programme.

2/    The Spa – personal / spiritual transformation takes place here after a day in the Yard. Reflection is important to learning. The Spa may or may not become part of my programme – and even if it does, it might not feature water. The theme of personal transformation through reflection is the important aspect.

3/    The Mint – alternative or parallel currencies underpin ‘New Economics’; feedback mechanisms that allow an ecologically senstive image of local economy to be constructed, understood and influenced. The is the ‘regulator’. Again, the Mint may or may not remain as programme.

4/    The School – The school is currently imagined as a programmatic element, accomodating youth outreach / rehabilitation through making as well as paying classes.

5/    The Embassy – Cuba has been forced into an alternative, self-sustainable economic situation through US economic sanctions, fuel poverty, and the collapse of international trade. The country adapted, and survived. The Embassy may or may not remain as programme, but exists to catalyse knowledge transfer to Hackney Wick.


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