hi everyone, hoping for a bit of help! please comment if you have any good precedents, films, books etc that deal with or touch on ideas about retreat (also kind of reflection, therapy etc.)


***Video from SB at Yorkshire Sculpture Park***

5 Responses to “retreat”
  1. Sam Brown says:

    found this…about getting back in touch with family, friends and self….

  2. Thalia says:

    Hi Jayne!
    Was doing research on nomadism and came accross this:
    it’s a ‘coastal retreat’ of the 19th century in Scarborough with kind of on-wheels-beach houses for women to wear their swimsuits in private and not having to walk all the way from the beach to the sea to protect their ‘modesty’!

  3. Sam Brown says:


    went to the Yorkshire Sculpture park at the weekend and there were a couple of pieces that were about retreat or contemplation. Ive got photos, a leaflet and videos that we took for you 😛

  4. jaynehogan says:

    Thanks Thalia and Sam!!

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