BR – Scenario and Programme update

I have been working on developing the scenario and programme in response to the existing conditions that I analysed with my previous drawings (see previous post).

Preliminary programme and scenario

It’s only the very beginnings, so I will be developing it further before Thursday.

One Response to “BR – Scenario and Programme update”
  1. samuelvardy says:

    Any comments left here are broad ones only – the detail can come on Thursday!

    Your Hypothesis is excellent and the exploration of spaces and people and attitudes is also very good, giving you a lot of material to move forward with and for later stages.

    The amateur as re-coder – be really explicit about this proposition

    The Activities that you start to work with in your programme are crucial so that you move beyond the cliches of hobbies to generate unexpected programmes.

    The final diagram of your scenario is good in this repsect – you need to create this kind of complexity, overlayered functions, people, desires etc… it’s way too complicated, so then you will need to develop tactics in the scenario to handle that complexity. This can develop into a really important drawing of your whole project – one that might speak equally of code, programme and tectonics. Keep layering it up, moving parts, rearranging etc… When we get to work with Assemblages, this could be a drawing of your assemblages.
    It will work to suggest different spatialities, networks or systems or spatial organisation.

    There is still an opportunity to explore the codes that affect the production of space more. Look into the defintion from Planning codes of ‘Amenity Space’.

    All of this at this moment leads to a need to start to refine the term ‘Ministry’ – why use this ‘typology’?
    Does this restrict your thinking to a single building? It may be fine to keep the term, but now is a good time to be very clear about what you use.

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