Hi all, I’ve been working on something which starts to describe my themes and scenario. By picking out key moments, this drawing [hopefully] shows how this frontier of gentrification has been pushing eastwards for the past decade, and is now really noticably at hackney wick. I think as my scenario develops I can add a fourth map in the near future (although the scale may be a bit prohibitive)


One Response to “scenario”
  1. samuelvardy says:

    The theme of gentrification is developing, and, beyond the general (perhaps macro) mapping that you have done, you should explore what this will mean, or has already meant, for diffrent populations in HW. It seems that the theme of gentrification should work for you to help define a programme; not that your proposals are problematic (bath house etc) but it not clear how they relate to the existing conditions at the moment.

    Your intervention work is very helpful for the whole project, and establises sub-themes such as transgressive boundaries. The precise investigation of one or more yards could keep going though in order to help you with programme development as mentioned above – you can go deeper into the actors and agents, conflicts, codes and regulations that determine the nature of these spaces.

    Finally, it is important to expand your reading of yards beyond the yards themselves. They are an external part of a bigger system, and this is crucial in terms of maintaining the complexity of your project.

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