The Steel Yard – A work in progress…

Hi all…

Please see attached file for my work in progress….

The Steel Yard – Draft

I’ve identified a precedent (The Steel Yard, Providence, Rhode Island, US) of an assemblage of ‘makers’, who act individually and in unity towards a variety of ends, in and for a community. Im analysing it with regard to our scenario & programme brief to give me some pointers for my actual project… So these drawings – as yet un-annotated – are my attempts at dissecting the Steel Yard physically and socially. The top drawing shows ‘actors and agents’, whilst the bottom drawing shows the spatial relationships and ‘architecture’ that facilitates the actors’ operations…

Any comments welcome…


One Response to “The Steel Yard – A work in progress…”
  1. samuelvardy says:

    more comments to follow, but in the meantime, the steel yard is mentioned in here (and others):

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