Preparation for Next Week

Hello All and Happy New Year.

Thanks to all that have put your work on the blog, can those that have not please do so straight away. Please have a look at each others work so that we can have a good dicussion next week.

We will meet on Thursday at 10:00am for a group meeting before having group tutorials (11am /12:30 lunch / 13:30 / 3pm).  You can arrange yourselves into groups but make sure that they are made up of one 5th year, one MAAD student and two 6th years.

Our focus before the Reviews in Week 15 is on refining your programmatic proposal and refining your understanding and investigation of CODE as it relates more precisely to the construction of architecture and the practice of design.
With this is mind, I attach here some texts about the role of codes in the production of space and architecture.  Please familiarise yourself with the ideas for our discussion on Thursday.

The Code of the City-Ben Joseph

Imrie – Regulation of Practice

Street – Regulation of Design


One Response to “Preparation for Next Week”
  1. Sam Brown says:

    Hello all…

    There’s a sign up sheet in the studio for tutorial times / groups….

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