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Hi all, happy new year! Sorry not to have posted sooner, because of where I’ve been staying have been almost completely offline (except for a couple of quick email checks) for the past couple of weeks so haven’t posted anything or been keeping up to date with the blog. Hope you’ve all had good breaks.

I’m attaching some of the intervention stuff which I’ve worked into, which was looking at the yard typology prevalent in Hackney Wick and Fish Island. This developed into thinking about the idea of boundary as something flexible and quite transgressive. One of the drawings shows boundary/threshold tools and starts to explore how these have varying meanings to various actors/users/passersby.

Thinking through these ideas has helped me clarify some ideas about brief/programme. I’ve been working these out quite sketchily…. but basically the theme I want to deal with is gentrification ( i did a bit of mapping of this before christmas but have started data-mining to enrich it… a bit of an evolving process at the moment)

I want to re-imagine the ‘yard’ in this new context of gentrification – rather than an enclave of  light industry and production, the yard becomes a enclave tailored to suit the needs of the ‘new’.

Looking into the history of Hackney, there is this history of urban escapism and refuge, of the idea of the Wick as a retreat (from mental asylums and exclusive boarding schools in the 19th century to child WW2 escapees, to the much more recent allotments….. ) and this is something I want to potentially integrate. So far much of the ‘new’ that has accompanied the gentrification (rather than regeneration) of Hackney and the wider area has been about food, or art or retail (Bistroteque, the Elevator Gallery, the Carmody Groarke pop-up on top of Stratford city, the Shoreditch market makeover) – but I’m imagining a kind of spa, sanctuary, retreat –  either something quite personal and individual or something social, like a bathhouse or something…. I’m not sure yet, but it’s something I would like to investigate a bit more.

Will post some more stuff later this week that kind of looks at and pushes that…. but in the mean time these are my intervention drawings


One Response to “jh_interventions, emerging ideas etc”
  1. Sam Brown says:

    Hey…sounds good to me…been looking at similar themes in terms of the bath-house, although not through escapism or refuge….more ‘transformation’. Yard typology is / always was interesting…you ever go and see the Southwark Lido when it was operating during Open House one year? Interesting transformation of a ‘yard’ into a pool / bar / social space…


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