the interventions and the emerged themes_hs

Here’re some drawings that I’ve been working on to illustrate what I wrote on my scenario [most of them are re-drawn work pre-xams break]

1. A summary of my scenario base on existing observation of Hackney Wick.

2. Drawings to explain the 7 proposed interventions- which begins to investigate different tactics to explore themes that interest me at the moment [emerged themes: reaction to tourism/ communication/ protection of existing social structure/ social cohesion & co-existence]

intervention diagram

3. Drawings explaining individual intervention


These drawings explore different ways of which existing community can react to the introduced tourism. The different scenarios show how boundaries could be inhabited and controlled by different users and alter spatial experience around the interventions.

At the moment I am trying to intensify the emerged themes into the graffiti site on White post lane, using the programmes and scenario I posted up previously. In doing so, I hope to:

-pin point who the actors and agents are

-be specific about the strategy of the project [as Jon asked previously- where and how the Print and Post come into play and where/what/when the tourist going to come HW]

-and be more specific regarding the codes that are involved…


hm…..lots to do in other words…..comments are welcome!

p.s. and the previous drawings on alternative use of space_Lion Works (Beth, you might find this useful?) and on uninhabitable and inhabitable boundaries


One Response to “the interventions and the emerged themes_hs”
  1. samuelvardy says:

    Clear outline of the project.

    Some thoughts:
    I would try to draw out the crucial issue here, that you touch on but perhaps complicate with other things:
    It is about “the co-existence of different users/groups”.
    But when you say ‘in order to maintain a cohesion between exising and new user groups” I would suggest that your project is about investigating and expoliting the potential of the tension between them.
    And thats it. There is value in keeping it simple, as this is actually a complex task.

    Following on from this, I sense a tendency to think about the “new” users in quite a conventional way – as “tourists”. It is essential that in order to explore this tension, you start to critically consider each side of the situation, so re-defining the “new” and the “existing” in your own terms. This will allow you to develop unexpexted relations between them, and subsequently new programmes (rather than “Tourist Information”).

    Perhaps you need to begin to set out a range of different types of relation that the users might have, from agreeable (friendship, at the extereme a new relationship etc) to antagonistic (conflict, violence etc).

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