Scenario / Programme [JM] First Attempt

Hello all and Happy New Year.

I’ve had a first stab at the programme and scenario, but its very loose and i’m struggling to push through what the project might be. Right now, it could be anything! This is at least an attempt to get some thoughts out there on paper and move on, rather than ‘getting it right’ first time. Any feedback much appreciated.

I’ve also done a sheet mapping places of ‘otherness’ (a prominent emerging theme) in the Wick which i’ve put up here too. Its been a bit of a stepping stone to understanding my interests and identifying some possible sites, although there is more to be added onto it at some stage.

First Attempt: JM-Scenario-Programme-1


Is there any get-together planned before W/C 17th?


4 Responses to “Scenario / Programme [JM] First Attempt”
  1. Sam Brown says:

    Jon, this looks great….you hide behind your Mac screen and never show me stuff 😛

    You’re ‘working definition’ of ‘otherness’ helps a lot I think…

    In terms of a drawing, I think this effective and easy to understand…its obvious what your cataloguing and where those things are in relation to our site. You’re building a landscape.


  2. samuelvardy says:

    Any comments left here are broad ones only – the detail can come on Thursday!

    The theories that you are developing are relavant and well considered. Otherness, Terrain Vague, Potentiality, Innovation (must be carefully defined) are clear. They provide a powerful set of drivers for the whole project – you have identified spaces ready for something other to take place – i.e. your project!

    But – The crucial task now is to demonstrate the potential that you have discussed. Ideas and theories are of little interest without practical application (as some famous philosophers said (D+G)). I would suggest that there are socio-spatial situations in Hackney that would benefit from a strategy of this nature. You have already identified one (homelessness). Any social condition such as this brings with it purpose – without this purpose your spatial ideas will continue to float, unanchored. The lack of Actors and Agents, and more importantly, the desires and needs that they bring with them, is what is holding you back.

    You need to flip the whole project around for a while. The theoretical ideas that you have been exploring, need to go on ‘hold’ for a second, to give you a chance to delve into some specifics in terms of a precisely defined set of tangible, identifiable conditions into which you (as the architect) can intervene. There is no need for a complex mapping of all the possible actors and agents in Hackney; rather you need to look carefully for something highly specific that suits your project. It might be through a more detailed study of any of the potential people and groups that you mention that this happens. Who might be relevant? What conflicts or stories have been unearthed that could provide the context for this project? Only out of this will programme emerge.

  3. Thanks for that Sam.
    For now, i think i’m more interesting in pursuing the memory / loss / erasure route, looking at urban memory / loss of ‘place’ and literal memory loss – relating them both to fear. I think this builds upon some of the themes i’ve continually had, and can incorporate a number of different people who i have previously identified and their different layers of realities – plus some new. I’m aiming to post a version of this up early next week. Def feeling more confident about it!

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