BR – existing conditions drawings & update

Happy new year everyone.

I’ve initially been concentrating upon mapping, presenting and analysing existing conditions in Hackney Wick. I went back to the Wick just over a week ago and since then I have been working on a series of drawings to map/present/analyse what I observed & discovered. The spaces/work places I have analysed are: White post lane live/work units, Chapman road mechanics/bodywork/car parts and Lion Works & Liquid Studios (still to do one for the burger van). This analysis has focused upon mapping & recording the spaces people work in (& how they use & create space), the type of work they do (the business, the use of land), their attitude towards work (& recreation), the actors & agents (& their background), and also their hobbies and pastimes. This has helped me to draw upon themes of work & recreation that are evident (and very specific to Hackney Wick) in Hackney Wick. These themes are:

–        Alternate value systems – the majority of places of work & types of work in Hackney Wick value reuse and often repair – both in terms of land use & materiality. “The art of the East End has often been about making the most ingenious use of spaces and things that others had deemed worthless or left behind”. This shows an ecological (& sustainable, in the true sense of the word) attitude that does not depend upon the current mainstream highly unsustainable belief in continual improvement and growth.  

–        Time is not always seen as the most important factor. Often activities are undertaken for the love of doing it rather than focussing upon what you can get from it. (this resonates strongly with the idea of pastimes and amateurism – the amateur concentrates on what the activity is).

–        Work is often viewed as a hobby/pastime (mainly the artists) and the boundary between work and leisure is often blurred (both physically and metaphorically). (live/work units).

Please see the drawings for further analysis.

please click here for pdf of existing conditions (drawings below)

I have also included my previous work to date (before xmas): click here  I have not as yet attempted to re-draw the intervention stuff (but will do at some point) because I wanted to focus upon analysing the existing conditions in Hackney Wick.

I think this process of analysing these 3 existing conditions has enabled me to provide evidence of specific work and leisure codes in Hackney Wick and so, next……. I am going to develop my hypothesis and scenario over the next few days. I feel that I now have a strong understanding of the existing conditions – existing actors & agents, social, political & environmental conditions. Above I have begun to discuss the themes I will be exploring with my project. I think my potential sites are the Lion Works & Liquid studios & the adjacent shop & travellers site, 92 White Post Lane and the large McGrath storage yard between Wallis road and White Post Lane.

I’ll post further development of my ideas on the blog next week.


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