Scenario and Programme_HS

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone is well-rested/resting 😉


Here’s my first attempt at the brief, it’s a still shot of my project at the moment and will be  added to/ subtracted from as my thoughts move along…

110106_Scenario and Programme_HS





2 Responses to “Scenario and Programme_HS”
  1. Hi Hellen!

    I like the idea that your project acts in juxtaposition to the Olympics, being about individual experience over a defined image, and how it provides for tourists and for the community alike. I just had a couple of queries – perhaps things for you to think about?

    – in your scenario, Hackney Wick is portrayed as this ‘hidden gem’ that’s interesting to explore. Is this actively being portrayed by the Olympic committee? Will many people view it in this way?
    – What role will the printers/post office take on after the games and how will that be of genuine benefit (rather than the official ‘legacy’ of the games site) to the Wick community? Is it a temporary device or something that caters for the community post-games?

    I know its early days, just thought i’d give you my views!

  2. Sam Brown says:

    Id be inclined to agree with Jon…I think you need to maybe think about the perception of Hackney Wick, and especially about how it would be promoted. For example, would people go to find it? does it figure on their consciousness as an attendee of the games? Is it a ‘destination’, or are people more likely to wander into it by accident, and does this affect their perception of the place. Should they be allowed to wander into it by accident?

    Id be interested to hear your thought on the ‘evolution’ of the printers / post office…what makes them start up? And what – particularly with the printers – perpetuates them after the games?

    Again, early days, just thoughts….

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