Scenario and Programme

Hi All,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great christmas!?

After a little reading and a bit of thinking, please find attached my first attempt at a response to Sam’s brief.

Scenario and Programme 31.12.2010

I am busy doing the drawings to illustrate the proposal and back up some of my thinking. These centre around the positive and negative aspects of the Olympic games (especially from an economic, ecosophically unsustainable point of view), looking more intently at the people of Hackney Wick, and the underground infrastructure (both the well known and the secret) that exists beneath London. I believe that this should be a commune and archive and propoganda unit, but as yet I’m not sure whether it should be run by ‘rebels,’ or whether it should be run by governmental/economic forces, as a critique of how they already coerce the public. I may also spend some time drawing up the Fun Palace and the So Called Utopia of the Centre Beaubourg. Any help and ideas are much needed and very welcome!

Best wishes


3 Responses to “Scenario and Programme”
  1. Hi Ronan

    Personally i’d be nervous about being totally (or almost totally) physically underground. It sets up quite a few problems (or perhaps not enough ‘problems’) for you to resolve by removing a lot of ‘architecture’. I think that whilst the type of living or experience / what they produce might be of an underground nature, perhaps it could be ‘hidden’ rather than physically underground – esp. if its a commune. Or else perhaps there should be some manifestation of the project above ground; again, is that a problem if it is totally through an existing building? I would suggest that Hackney Wick is already full of an ‘underground’ nature; squatters, artists, raves etc. so perhaps you look into that side of it more and play on those ideas. Just how explicit or subversive it is might determine how hidden it needs to be or whether it should be more obvious. The building might plug into an underground network in order to archive / create propaganda whilst being something else above ground? Not sure, but sounds quite exciting!

  2. Thalia says:

    Hi guys, happy new year!
    @ Ronan: it sounds really interesting! Have you seen the movie ‘Being John Malkovich’?
    there’s a half level on a building (floor 3.5 not sure about the number…) where there’s a portal to John Malkovich’s body (!!!)

  3. samuelvardy says:

    I really agree that this is an exciting proposal, and you are aware of the questions that need to be asked of it.
    I think that there needs to be a clearer connection between the socio-political ambitions and the architectural ambitions. This happens in two main ways – how the programme is developed and what it develops into, and how this process suggests (and makes use of) innovative and unexpected productions of space and designs of architecture.

    So I think that identifying the Commune as a typology to work with is too limiting, socially and architecturally. All of this thought is powerfull inspiration and research for you to work with. Your task now is to work out how to develop an idea for a programme that provides the framework in which to test your theoretical and politicial ideas. The same goes for total underground development (but this does not rule it out altogether of course, indeed you have identified its potential).

    I think you need 2 things: 1 – to engage more precisely with a specfic set of actors/agents and the associated existing programmes, in Hackney, and 2 – restirct your ideas of introducing a new programme to just one at a time: e.g from your list. a public kitchen, or an archive of detournement, or a knowledge bank. Each of these could be a single project.

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