I selected 5 codes, there were TRANSPORT, BOUNDARY, GRAFFITI, BEHAVIOR AND SENSE, and here is my understand of my five codes:

1. Transport

Transport is the most important element in an area, is an form which connect different area and different activities. It means if an area need to be more viva, the energy must can flow. Like the blood in human body, if which don’t flow, the nutrition and oxygen can’t be carried to the cells, and the waste also can’t be carried away, then, the body (area) will dead. So developing the Transport is the first step to activate the development of an area.

But at the same time, the over development of transport also will bring a lot of negative effects to cities. For example, too much cars, air pollution, traffic congestion etc. which also will obstruct the development.

2. Boundary

Boundary is an dynamic concept, which can be both abstract and physical. In term of physical aspect, boundary can be a line which divides different objects and activities into the same area or type .

But at the same time, boundary also can be a limit in mind or in communication. Just like the people can’t understand what the graffiti means, or misunderstand it, think it is evil or dirty. At this time, there is an invisible boundary between artists and audiences.

3. Graffiti

Graffiti, in the beginning, though to be an illegal activity, was some children use lacquer or pens to paint in the public place, and then develop into a type of arts. It usually was some marks or some letters with meanings or no meanings. In most of time, artist would like to use irony, humorous, or cartoon to express their ideas or dissatisfied emotion against government. Lots of people think it was the cancer of cities, and often connect them with poverty and crime.

In fact, the same as punk music, graffiti is an revolt art. If there is an appropriate place, with plan and organize, graffiti also can be a kind of high fashion, high art.

4. Behavior

Behavior means human do a kind of activity with certain purposes. The produce of behavior has both external and internal forces. In major conditions, even with the same external effects, people usually will have different reacts as the differences exist between mental, experiences and educate levels. Take the behavior of artist for example, because the environment they live, and the events happen beside them, under the process of their internal effect, their works and ways of expression will totally different.

5. Sense

Sense is the reflection of people when their organs under the effort of the objects, which is the most simple type of understanding of objects. And at the same time, sense also is the reflection of our body’s movement and situations.

Although sense is an simple process, but without which we can’t distinguish the characteristic of objects and the situation of ourselves. So sense is the basis of all kinds of complex mental activities, is the source of all human’s knowledge about the world.


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