Boundary CODE: Boundary is the edge of an area. It craves up the different zones. To some degree, boundary is the start of a narrative space, as well as the end. It could be a road, a path, a wall, a rail, a river, an entry, or some columns.

Graffiti CODE: As the tattoo of the city, the graffiti protentially indicates the free art area in paricular place. In Hackney Wick, it is not so obvious to find the graffiti zone. They are hiding at the edge of the area and the abandanced factory’s inner-walls.

Semiotics CODE: Semiotics is normally referred to sign processes, analogy, metaphor, signification and communication, signs and symbols. As for the spatial code, semiotics would particularly be the special signs that can regulate the people’s behaviours, and prohibit the activities do not match the field.

Transport sign CODE: The bus station signs would strongly suggest the fixed bus route of the Hackney Wick area. According to letter sequence, it seems to be a designed path which is more than just bus route. Also, the disorder would arouses people’s attention.


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