The most interesting Codes are Social Codes for me:

social code:

1- Cultural codes: the way that people show their life style. There are some specialties for each group of people. Some Codes and symptoms, Like appearance, out fit, behaviour. the rules which we use them to judge people.


2- Changes in Codes: people reactions and their place may change in new places, and the attractive part is we may show some reactions which are so new and strange for us that we have never expected to show.


3-Acclaiming codes: creative ways that people use to acclaim a part of public places for themselves. what is the reason? why they need to express themselves buy occupation public area and how they feel comfortable with sharing their feelings in the street and public area. or in reverse, using private places like gardens, Part building facade to share themselves with community.


4-Spatial code: finding way in places, different way that people try to get familiar with a new place, trying to find common feelings and common signs or trying to adopt previous experiments with the new one to feel familiar about new areas that they face with for the first time.



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