5 Codes…

I am currently interested in the following themes, which occasionally reference themselves, and can be loosely categorised under the theme of a valued and empowered community with ‘ownership‘ of its environment affording embodied knowledge and heritage – the sustainable perpetuation of evolutionary place;

1/ Information becoming Knowledge; –  its retention, embodiment and exchange (transmission and reception; sharing); citizens right to knowledge; in what spaces does it usually reside, in what spaces is it brought to life? Introducing the notion of…

2/ Exchange; – linking to the above, incorporating ‘news’; the formation of knowledge through stories; worthy contribution and how this affords sentiments of ownership; debt, or dues. Having a ‘stake’ in something, someone or somewhere leading to…

3/ Ownership;  – Lammas-style land-use, laws and permissions that vary dependent on time (calendar) or location (e.g. land as opposed to water); historic (and other) reasons for these laws’ existence and their evolution, with necessary consideration of…

4/ Conservation; – Who decides? What stays / What goes / What arrives; is it just the ‘oldest bits’ that are kept? Should it be the most used/valuable? By which mechanism, and through what motivation is something conserved? Considering the…

5/ Economic (not purely financial); – What affords action? Ideas of social capital; will Olympic legacy be effective/effected?



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