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Social_ Behavioral_political_economical_ownership[territory]


A way in

At the moment, there’s a cluster of loose threads of ideas in my head which I’m struggling to summaries into one paragraph…but the keywords that are jumping out at the moments are boundaries, temporality, transient, ownership, verticality and imagery

From our initial site visit, it was apparent that there are many different communities locating in Hackney Wick. They co-exist within the heavily delineated zone with minimal interactions. They are often closed and inward looking communities and find security from settling within what-seems-overloaded boundaries. More importantly, there is a strong sense of ownership of different levels within different community- they do not want to be disturbed by the ‘others’- people that might interrupt their way of living. I’m interested in exploring further what boundaries are and what they do, and how they are perceived by the ‘others’. Can boundaries be both protective and at the same time inviting? Hackney Wick is highly associated with temporality- Where does boundary and temporality meet?

During and after the Olympic Games, there will be many visitors and new communities that settle in the Olympic site-which is practically adjacent to Hackney Wick. What boundaries would be appropriate to ‘protect’ Hackney Wick?

On the other hand, it is fascinating to register the power of imagery – how authorities often use them to manipulate people’s perception of the Olympic Games and the area, and how the locals, especially artists actually portrait them. Can imagery or the act of taking/creating an image has a spatial impact? and hence, forming an alternate form of boundaries?



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