JM – Field of Code (29/11)

My (current) ‘field’ of code or interest is as follows.

(I’m not entirely sure they are all codes as such; some might be effects or causes. Perhaps this is more of a field of thematic interest, but its a stepping stone at least!)







(+ social / behavioural / agency / habitus / doxa / interdependency …)

Principally, i’m interested in the varying types of fear that we have encountered. There are multiple and layered varieties of fear; i don’t really believe it is a code as such, but that codes are formed through the way it is handled or is manifested in the environment. The codes then encountered are deeply political, with spatial consequences. The juxtaposition of the Olympic site and the Wick show how these fears manifest from macro to micro scale (the threat of international terrorism / protection of seemingly inconsequential land or material) and how they relate to single people / communities / entire states.

Who creates fear? For what means? How does it shift our actions? How does it change of relationships? How does it form our ownership of space?

Obviously this area of research could easily expand into mentioning pretty much every other code / cause / effect we have encountered!


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