“Hackney Wick. It’s practically Scotland as far as I am concerned. I’m a North London snob who is happy in my triangle – from Tufnell Park to Chalk Farm to Mornington Crescent. Borough of Camden and Islington is for me yep yep.
I know everyone thinks East London is very cool.
And it is fun, there are fun things out that way – from Old Street through Shoreditch and Bethnal Green and beyond. Great restaurants, everything from scruffy noodle shacks to the more serious cooking of the Rivington and so on….
Beyond Bethnal Green I don’t know – that is about as far as I have got. To Victoria Park and the music festival that is held out there in the summer – Field Day it’s called. Don’t know if that counts as Hackney Wick…. I would have thought the park not quite within that boundary.
I know I’m not wholly comfortable with the sweeping trendi-fication of the area. The East became popular initially with artists – when? Maybe the 90’s? And they could get huge old redundant industrial spaces for really cheap, because the whole area was a wreck. And is classically the case – and you see endlessly in London, Glasgow, Hebden Bridge (?!), where the artists’ go so the rest follow.
So now the area is having to deal with the arrival of the trendy’s and the hangers-on – people who aren’t actually involved in the arts or design industries, though wish they were, and the wannabes sweep in thinking it all very cool and ironic. And in so doing bringing with them massive social divides.
In come the trendys trotting about in their pointy shoes, with their square black glasses and single-speed bikes. And they sweep about, brining in cafes with retro furniture and they (they. The trendys) They delight in the ‘irony’ of pie and mash shops and fish and chips.
And then you have the old, entrenched working class communities with their tracksuits bottoms, hawking smokers coughs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
And then? How do these communities mix, if at all? What’s the cohesion? No cohesion? Welcomed or hated?
Odd. All very odd…….
Go to Broadway Market. You’ll see it right there. On the South side, the organic free range hog roast and the endless pugs and poodles and free range yummy mummies with their planet organic little children – buying cup cakes for £3 each. And then just in the other side of the road, just at the mouth of the London Fields park, the drunk and toothless selling off stolen bike parts and swigging Tennent.
Social complexity – to say the least. ”
Zoe, 26, student.

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