“Hey man, hope this helps with the project. When i was there it was mainly spent within the park. Sorry i didnt get a chance to send it yesterday!

After taking a stereotypical red london bus from the Hackney Wick railway station, through the tyical suburban build up of houses and offices myself and my friend came to the huge open green area of Victoria Park. Surrounded by a comparative calm and relaxed area in stark contrast to the view of central London, myself and my freind walked around the paths, taking in the sound of the raging traffic against the bird song and splashes from the near by lake. You could hear the families walking around with kids of all ages. Trees and leaves swaying as me and my freind started throwing a frisbee along the park, taking care not to hit the victorian type pavillion in the middle of the park. ALmost made me and my freind forget tht less than 5 minutes away on the train we would be in central London.

Im sorry its not too long, but it was quite a while back. If you need anything else just give me a  bell.” – Simon Gisbon, 23, student



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