Hackney Wick stories

“they also have a bagel factory there which occasionally leaves free bagel outside. Maybe for homeless i guess” Mavis, Bethnal Green


“Historically Hackney Wick has always been fraught with londons most extreme poverty and was disease ridden during the great plague. I think Victoria Park was either built or used to house Londons plague victims

When the canal was completed it initially provided Hackney Wick with its first promising outlook as passing boats carrying supplies would have to pay tolls as well as stopping off at parts pf the canal bringing livley-hood into the local area, sadly this was not the case as less than a few years after the canal network was completed (youd need to check the date but early19th Century), the invention of railways and the race for rail ownership during the industrial revolution meant the rapid growth in the british railway infrastructure causing a devastating effect on the canal route

Hackney marshes are built on land up using rubble from all the bombed premises during WW2, the rubble was sent here mostly along the canal, flattened and grass-lands were planted”
Mike, Fish Island


re: people living on the canal
“from what I can remember theres not too many ‘R&R’s’ which is why you get that specific demographic living on canal boats (most of them see themselvs as modern day rebels), everybody I met were proud exhibitionists, working in the public sector and I got the impression quite a few of them were from fairly ‘well to do’ backgrounds, living there to avoid the normal life-style of living in a city, its a lifestyle choice they make to be part of the boating community.. There are regulations relating to the condition of your dwelling, as well as having to pay an anual fee to the lock keepers association, and theres mooring costs if you stop in an official mooring station… Its generally quite relaxed thou, although I have noticed an increase in river police recently, knocking on canal boat doors checking permits.. (seen them out yesterday + today)”
Mike, Fish Island



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