End of the line

“Me and a couple of mates were on a bus, on the way to a friends house party in Hackney. We were at the top of the night bus and had been drinking so our attentions were not on cue. The bus then stops, and the lights turn off and the bus driver says last stop. We got and off looked around and were in the middle of Hackney wick without a clue where we were! So we walked around the industrial land and there was no absolutely no sign of life or clue as to how to get back to a main road etc. So we walked about hopelessly lost. We then heard this really loud music coming out of one of the warehouses. We investigated, and followed our ears then eventually found where the music was coming out from. It was this warehouse where 10 or so people live hosting this huge mental/weird rave! It was packed with a bar, Dj’s, stage lighting. So we ended up staying there and had a really funny night. They apparently host parties every so often so help pay their rent! They are all artists and young professionals working in media or along those lines.” Adam, 22, student.


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