“no never been there. Kev used to live in a warehouse there though, drop him a line. Sure he could tell you a story or 2″ – John Valente, 31, student

“hackney wick? as in east london? not much apart from its very trendy these days nice markets, cool people etc. x” – Daisy Partridge, 23, frequent London visitor.

“Me and a friend went round to a friend of ours from work’s house. On entering their flat, the hallway was rammed with bikes, the plasterboard from the ceiling was falling away. On the way upstairs there was a random room which had an assortment of luggage and rubbish (It was a lovely place). Upstairs was like any student flat, we drank wine from the shop below, two bottles for a fiver, got smashed and sat round their kitchen table chatting crap” – Kev Veitch, 25, Camden resident



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