Mr Freeze-O-Cream yard, Monier Road

At the Mr Freeze-O-Cream yard on Monier Road, Fish Island, Ice Cream Vans wait out the winter until once again they can roam London’s sizzling sideroads and crisping parks. Trapped, they take refuge under tarpaulins and hide from the frost, yet still glow in vibrant contrast to the drab concrete and brick of the Wick, holding a promise of … Continue reading

Designing through perspective

Ive been trying to design some key spaces in my project through perspective. Had some trouble getting Illustrator to output linewights as they are drawn in the file, but here are some working examples. Id apprecaite any comments on teh following; – generally process of work…am i doing things in the right order do you … Continue reading

Making Models…and developing spatial assemblage

In the first week of easter, Ive been exploring the formal and spatial assemblage of my project through models. Pictures can be seen here . There are a number of permutations that I have been exploring, of which the above photo is just one. I then took a ‘holiday’ – a few days in the sun, a journey … Continue reading

Three routes through the Ministry of Amateurs

Hi guys, Hope everyone is managing to have some kind of break. I’ve been working on some drawings that I discussed in my last tutorial and I’d really appreciate your feedback about them and where I should go next. The purpose of doing these drawings was to move away from the plan I had drawn … Continue reading

London Gigapixel

A bit off topic: I’ve mentioned this to a few of you before, and no doubt others will have seen it, but i was procrastinating and just got lost in what an awesome bit of photography this is. Enjoy! (prepare to lose a lot of time panning around picking out bits of London – you … Continue reading


Spotted some of studio code c/o the wick curiosity’s twitter page : Hope it’s been good!  


Please find attached / below a drawing illustrating my activity during last Thursday’s materiality session. I feel like the exercise indirectly kick started my thinking on materiality in my project, and particularly got me thinking about the acts of making marks, and communicating that technique. How might one party replicate the acts of another in … Continue reading

Material Assemblages

On Thursday (09:30am) we will have a workshop around the idea of Material Assemblages. Please all bring a range of different materials with you, some that have something, albeit abstract, to do with your project, others can be more random for experimentation. materiality / joints / ideas / value This stage will explore ways to … Continue reading

thinking through programme and people/groups

Actors/Agents/Groups WHO? The project addresses the two main user groups of Hackney Wick which share similar concerns in different contexts and have a main thing in common; they take pride in personal items. -the artists (end product of artwork) -the immigrants (things they bring from place of origin) WHY? Hackney Wick is on the verge of disappearance. … Continue reading